Report: MTV Planning to Recast ‘Jersey Shore’ (Updated)

OMG Famous

You'll want to pour yourself a glass of Ron-Ron Juice (what, you don't keep a pitcher in your fridge at all times?) and take a seat before reading this news.

MTV is reportedly planning to recast "Jersey Shore" after the filming of the fifth season, which is about to get underway in Seaside, according to Us Weekly.

The cast that we know and love recently filmed the fourth season of the hit reality show in Italy.

The new roster -- who, let's be honest, has no chance of living up to the legacy of Snooki, The Situation, and friends -- will be a "lot cheaper." (Right now, each of the eight cast members makes $100,000 per episode.)

But don't get too forlorn. In addition to the two remaining seasons we have in store for us with the original cast, Snooki, JWOWW and Pauly D (arguably the three most likable of the gang) will be getting spin-offs on the network.

Update: A MTV network spokesperson sent The Famous the following statement: "We love the present cast, and their summer adventures have just begun. We currently have no plans to recast the show."