Report: Kim Kardashian Is Creating a Decoy Engagement Ring

OMG Famous

Celebrity jewel thieves, be warned: if you have your eye on Kim Kardashian's $2 million engagement rock, it might be an imposter. According to Radar, the reality star is commissioning a cubic zirconia decoy because she's too worried about losing the real thing.

"Kim is having a replica of her ring made," a source says. "It's going to be perfect and really difficult to detect that it's a fake to the untrained eye. But, it will be a huge weight off Kim's mind. Walking around wearing a ring that's worth around half the value of her house worries her sick, but at the same time she wants to wear the ring all the time."

This is totally the Kardashian equivalent of museum curators duping visitors with imposters of famous artwork (lest they be stolen!).

Rich people problems.