Report: Jennifer Aniston Refuses to Blow-Dry Her Own Hair

OMG Famous

If Hollywood is like high school, then Jennifer Aniston would probably get voted "Best Hair." It's a tough title to live up to because whose mane could possibly look that healthy, that bouncy, that perfect, every single day of the week?

In a new -- and extremely dubious -- report, Star magazine (via Celebitchy) alleges that Aniston is cracking under the pressure of maintaining the world's most admired locks.

"She throws a fit when she thinks certain people mess up her hair," snitches an anonymous stylist. "It's bizarre and obsessive. She'll call her hairstylist at all hours just to blow it." Once, says the stylist, the 42-year-old actress called at 4 a.m. for an emergency: "It was like a midlife crisis at four in the morning."

Well, in Aniston's defense, you never know when you might run into Brad Pitt.

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