Report: Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Swift Break Up

OMG Famous

Swiftenhaal is dead. According to, Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal have broken up after a whirlwind love affair.

A source says, "They're over. It ended last month."

While they spent Thanksgiving arm in arm, wandering the sidewalks of Brooklyn like a scene from a romantic comedy, the couple rang in the New Year separately. Swift celebrated in Nashville; Gyllenhaal stayed in New York.

What did them in? Too many cups of coffee? The $11,000 guitar he reportedly bought her for her 21st birthday? Was such an extravant gift "too much" after two months of dating? Perhaps, as in real life (not a fantasy rom-com), it just didn't work out.

Somewhere Swift is writing a song about all of this. Suggested title: "Dear Jake (I Want My Silly Band Back)."

UPDATE: Apparently, Gyllenhaal cut her loose because he "wasn't feeling it."