Report: E! Wants To Kancel The Kardashians

OMG Famous

In the wake of Kardashmageddon, Kim Kardashian is struggling to salvage her image as a big-hearted reality TV princess who was genuinely in love with Kris Humphries. She's written a heartfelt message to fans. She flew up to Minnesota for a sad sitdown with Humphries. She's not even wearing makeup.

So get this: the blog Media Take Out claims -- with signature sensationalism -- that Kardashian and Humphries are plotting to reconcile this week. The alleged reason: E! Entertainment Television, which broadcasts the Kardashians' lucrative reality shows, is threatening to pull the blog on the spinoff "Kourtney & Kim Take New York" (in addition to reruns of the multi-million-dollar wedding special) amid public backlash. Humphries, currently in Minnesota escaping the hoopla, was involved in the taping of the latest season until Kardashian abruptly filed for divorce on Halloween.

So what's the real deal?

"This rumor is completely false," a network spokesman tells The Famous of a "Kourtney & Kim" kancellation. He said Kardashian's "Fairytale Wedding" was now off the E! programming schedule. (The newlyweds allegedly netted 30% of the ad revenue per airing.)

As long as the athlete-crazy diva keeps people talking -- and rolling their eyes -- then it's not likely E! would suddenly shelve the "Kourtney & Kim" saga. Especially if Humphries has even a minor cameo.

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