Report: Anne Hathaway Gave Some Guy a Black Eye

OMG Famous

Who knew Anne Hathaway had it in her? The good girl actress gave a stuntman a black eye when she accidentally clocked him with the butt end of a gun, The Sun reports.

Hathaway, who's filming a role as Catwoman in the next Batman movie, was reportedly so embarrassed, she bought the guy a silver pen engraved with the words: "Remember no one packs a punch like Anne."

Hathaway "got a bit carried away during a fight scene and mistakenly shoved the butt of the gun right into the actor's eye socket," a source says. "He came away with a massive black eye -- Anne was mortified."

A rep for the star did not immediately respond to our request for comment. Meanwhile, it looks like Hathaway is going all Method as Batman's butt-kicking feline foe. To that we say ... meow.