Report: Alicia Keys’ Husband Is Sexting Another Woman

OMG Famous

In today's Celebrity Sexting Scandal, we have a report from Bossip alleging that Alicia Keys' husband, Swizz Beatz, has been exchanging illicit texts with another woman. That woman, named Christina Elizabeth, tells the site that rumors the rapper-producer has sexted her during his marriage to Keys are "absolutely true." She says she last hooked up -- physically -- with Beatz while he was married to his previous wife, Mashonda; he also strayed with Keys, too.

In an entertainingly provocative post, the website The Root recently wondered why the mainstream media largely ignored Keys' three-year affair with a married man while taking Fantasia Barrino of "American Idol" fame to task for doing the same thing. "Clearly, Keys has a better publicist than Barrino," Nsenga Burton wrote. "Maybe it's because the mainstream media would have to admit that this 'perfect' woman, whoses image they helped construct, is, in fact, far from perfect. How can you make a song like 'Superwoman' and sleep with and get pregnant by another woman's husband?"

Keys married Beatz in July 2010, while she was pregnant with Egypt, their baby boy. Given his history of infidelity, we're dying to know the singer's reaction to his sext-y Anthony Weiner behavior. Will she turn blind eye or just ignore it?