Quoting The Famous: Why Adele Won’t Quit Smoking

OMG Famous
June 10, 2011

While Adele was forced to postpone her American tour because of laryngitis, the powerhouse pop superstar refuses to give up the cigs:

"I gave up smoking for two months. It was f---king grim. I had laryngitis about a week before the album came out and it was so frightening. I stopped smoking, drinking, eating or drinking citrus, spicy foods and caffeine. It was so f---king boring. Whenmy album went to number one here and in America, I just sat in my room and watched TV because I couldn't go out and talk to anyone. My voice was better when I wasn't smoking. Within a week I noticed it had changed, but I'd rather my voice be a bit s--t so I can have a f---ing laugh."

[This Is London]

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