Should Pregnant Beyonce Trade Her 5-Inch Heels For Flats?

OMG Famous

Beyonce: give it up. Stop trying to look over-the-top glamorous 24-7.  You are pregnant, and what pregnant woman walks around wearing these?

Yes, the other day Beyonce stepped out in a pair of Alain Quilci figure skater-inspired platform boots with a 5-inch heel and $1,180 price tag. Not even Michelle Kwan could walk in them.

So many questions: Does Beyonce ever get TIRED of keeping up the glam-pop star act? Of wearing high heels? Of feeling like she has to appear tall ALL THE TIME? Maybe she wears flats at home where there are no photographers around to -- gasp -- snap her sans stilettos? (We doubt it. Beyonce most likely wears stilettos at home, just in case.) Lastly, for old times' sake: Is the bump even real? (We remain vigorously skeptical.)

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