Pippa Middleton is Single

OMG Famous

In news that is no doubt sending London's paparazzi and tabloid editors into apoplexy, Pippa Middleton is now single, according to People.

Middleton had been dating Alex Loudon, a former professional cricket player and current broker, for about a year, but -- right as her sister Kate's love life has come into full bloom -- Pippa's appears to have shattered.

"It is common knowledge in their close circle of friends that Pippa and Alex have recently split up," a "friend" told the Times of London.

Meanwhile, the Sun says Pippa's "newfound celebrity" caused friction in the relationship, though the pair will "stay good friends."

Loudon was Pippa's guest at the Royal Wedding, where he sat in the Middleton family box.

The news is sure to ignite rumors that Pippa may be romantically involved with George Percy, her college ex-boyfriend whom she has been spotted with in Spain and Europe recently.

But, frankly, we have higher hopes for Pippa. She is at her celebrity peak right now -- she may as well shoot for the top. Jake Gyllenhaal? Ryan Reynolds? George Clooney!? The sky's the limit, Pippa.