Is Pippa Middleton Dating George Percy?

OMG Famous

Pippa Middleton and Guy Percy set off a New Couple Alert while watching tennis today in London. The star bridesmaid appeared relaxed, happy and unnaturally tan per usual as she caught a match between Andy Roddick and Kevin Anderson at the AEGON Championships at Queens Club. Percy is the laughing ginger sitting alongside Middleton: he's also a longtime friend, former college roommate and honorary Pipparette, the media-coined nickname for a member of her entourage. They reportedly dated while students at Edinburgh University.

Middleton's rumored boyfriend is hunky businessman Alex Loudon, her date to the Royal Wedding. But she's been spending a lot of time with Percy. They even went rowing together in Madrid.

This means they are either A) close platonic friends B) more than "just friends" or C) Percy is secretly in love with Middleton, and has been for years, only just realizing that he must do something -- and make a move -- before it's too late. Of course, he's too shy to reveal his true feelings out of fear of ruining the friendship. So, naturally, he'll finally gather the courage on Middleton's wedding day, interrupting the ceremony with an emotional "I OBJECT!"

Or something like that.