Exclusive: Paulina Porizkova Is Not A Fan Of Nicole Richie’s Breast Implants

OMG Famous

When Kate Hudson got breast implants last year, model Paulina Porizkova lashed out against the actress' surgery in a passionate post on the blog Modelinia, declaring: "I used to use her as an example of the perfect beauty with a small chest. Now, with her new boobs, she just looks like any California blond actress. Instead of enhancing, she has diminished herself."

Porizkova feels the same way about Nicole Richie's recent augmentation.

"It actually personally kind of hurts me," the former Sports Illustrated cover girl-turned-author told The Famous earlier this week, at a New York City reading for Lonely Planet's 'Lights, Camera...Travel!' book (for which she wrote an essay).

"I mean, small boobs are so pretty, too. Whyyyy?" asked the 46-year-old beauty, observing: "There's so many different variations that are beautiful. I really feel like with our culture and the internet and everything, we're just becoming closer and closer to becoming just, like, 'one.' And that to me is really scary. I like personality. I like funky teeth. I like small breasts. I like big breasts. ... I mean, I wouldn't want to eat the same food every day. So why would I want to look at the same person every day?"

On Tuesday, Nicole Richie -- who reportedly got a boob job last summer -- flaunted her larger chest in a black gown with a plunging neckline at the 15th Annual ACE Awards in Manhattan. We must admit she looks pretty good -- happy and glowy -- and the results of her operation appear more natural than extreme.  (If you weep for the loss of Richie's A-cup, check out out list of 10 flat-chested stars who should never go under the knife.)

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