Oprah Giving Away $300 Bottles Of Jay-Z’s Champagne For ‘Favorite Things’

OMG Famous

Just because Oprah's talk show is no longer on the air doesn't mean she's canceling her insanity-inducing "Favorite Things" giveaway! The mogul-messiah rolls out the 2011 lineup in the December issue of O magazine ( via People.com) and -- with no studio audience around to go nuts on camera -- only 12 readers stand a chance to score the swag.

Among the gifts:

  • A $300 bottle of "Jay-Z's champagne." The rapper's selection is supposed to be really crappy, but if it's free, who cares?
  • Scented candles worth $45. (We don't know for sure but we're guessing they smell like apricot and vanilla and golden-retriever puppies.)
  • MUST EAT NOW: $46 seven-layer caramel cake, personally selected by Gayle King, who actually has a really sophisticated palate.
  • Marigot Collection's $412 cashmere robe and $234 pajamas.
  • A $240 at-home sound system.
  • A $108 python-patterned carry-on bag.
  • Dr. Oz's "feel-good" fuzzy slippers, worth $45.

(Don't ask us why but we're picturing Kanye West on the phone with his people asking them to call Oprah's people to pull some strings. Not gonna work, Kanye.)

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