Who’s Older: Spencer Grammer or Kayte Walsh?

OMG Famous

Kelsey Grammer recently celebrated the red-carpet premiere of his new Starz series "Boss" with two dates: his pregnant daughter, Spencer, and new wife, Kayte Walsh. Let's be honest: the 56-year-old actor looks as if he could be Walsh's dad, too. (Somewhere, Camille Grammer is sipping Chardonnay and throwing her head back in laughter. We hear you, Camille.)

Time for a fun game: which Grammer girl is older? Spencer or Kayte? Drumroll ....

... it's Kayte Walsh! The former flight attendant is 30 years old, while Spencer Grammer -- the actress from ABC Family's "Greek" -- is 28. She gave birth to her first child, a son named Emmett Emmanual, with husband James Hesketh last week; meanwhile, the "Frasier" star and Walsh are reportedly working on a family of their own.

This means Emmett would be older than his forthcoming aunt or uncle.

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