Next Stop on The Blake Lively-Leonardo DiCaprio Romance Tour: Disneyland

OMG Famous

Now that they're back from their European vacation, one might have assumed Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively would take their romance to Los Angeles' trendiest restaurants and bars -- maybe have a night out at a club.

But instead, the new couple had their first American date (that we know of) at Disneyland. After the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night, Lively (who presented an award with "Green Lantern" co-star Ryan Reynolds) was spotted with DiCaprio and a group of pals at the amusement park.

Predictably, they received the VIP treatment, as the group was "escorted via private entrance" to the front of the "Star Wars"-themed "StarTours" ride at 11 p.m., and then was seen with a tour guide outside the penny arcade on "Main Street" later in the night.

Us Weekly reports that Lively was wearing a "knit smock and a face-concealing hat," while DiCaprio wore "jeans, windbreaker and a hat."

This must have fulfilled some long-gestating fantasy of Lively's, considering that she was 10 when she first fell for Leo (when she saw "Titanic") and probably dreamed for years about hanging out with the heartthrob at what then seemed the happiest place on earth.