Natalie Portman’s Dad Shopping ‘Reproductive Thriller’ Novel

OMG Famous

It's likely none of us would ever have heard of Dr. Avner Hershlag's novel "Misconception" -- classified as a "reproductive thriller" -- if it were not for the fact that Dr. Hershlag happens to have a very famous daughter: one Natalie Portman.

Hershlag -- a Long Island fertility specialist -- self-published the book, which revolves around "cloning experiments gone bad and the compromised embryos of a U.S. first lady," in February of 2010.

He is currently shopping the book, which at the moment sits at #947,416 on's bestsellers list, around at major publishing houses, who no doubt will be intrigued by the possibility of any potential Portman-related tie-ins.

Hershlag told the New York Observer that he always intended to release the book via a publisher but had run out of time due to his "day job." He was later convinced by friends to bring the book to editors.

We'd imagine Natalie is just happy her dad has written a book that has absolutely nothing to do with her life, considering the tendencies of some parents of celebrities out there.