Meet Kate Winslet’s New Boyfriend, Ned Rocknroll

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As you might have heard, Kate Winslet has fallen in love with a man named Ned Rocknroll. Yes, ROCKNROLL. It's not even his real name. (It's Abel Smith, which he legally changed several years back.) But before we make fun of this Rock and Roll fellow, let's learn more about him:

  • He's the nephew of Virgin mogul Richard Branson. Rocknroll brought Winslet as his plus one to the launch of a runway at Branson's "spaceport" in Las Cruces, New Mexico, this week. The 33-year-old works for the space-travel branch of the Virgin empire. (Round-trip tickets into orbit will set you back $200K; we're sure Winslet can score a free ride.)
  • Winslet rescued his grandmother from a burning building. True story: Winslet emerged a hero after Branson's mansion on Necker Island caught fire last August; the actress, who met Rocknroll while vacationing there, reportedly carried his 90-year-old grandma down a flight of stairs as flames engulfed -- and destroyed -- the lush property. (No wonder he's so smitten.)
  • He just got divorced. Rocknroll has officially split from wife Eliza Pearson, daughter of British aristocracy, making him free to begin a new -- and very public --  life with the A-list actress. "The decree absolute should come through soon, maybe this month," Pearson told The Telegraph on Sunday. The 23-year-old heiress and the floppy-haired free spirit married in a high-society pagan ceremony -- officiated by a druid -- in 2009. (Princess Beatrice was a guest.) According to the newspaper, they separated 20 month after the wedding. "I broke up with Ned," Pearson said. "I won't disclose the reason, but the split was very amicable. We're still the best of friends. I'm not seeing anyone else."

Winslet divorced director Sam Mendes in March 2010 and promptly jumped back into the dating scene. She dated male model Louis Dowler before falling -- and falling hard -- for Rocknroll in a span of just two months.

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