‘Lost’ Creator Takes Swipe at January Jones

OMG Famous

Damon Lindelof knows a thing or two about geeky things, and acting: he created "Lost," which is hands down one of the greatest (and best-acted) TV shows ever of all time. Like most fanboys, Lindelof saw "X-Men: First Class" on its opening weekend -- and afterward, he seized the opportunity to mock January Jones, who portrays Emma Frost.

That's way harsh, Lindelof. We haven't yet seen the film, but Mark Lisanti -- the deputy editor of Yahoo! Entertainment's new blogs, one of which is yours truly -- tells us Jones was indeed the worst part of it. These days, however, the "Mad Men" ice queen's acting -- which has been criticized as wooden -- has taken a backseat to her style and personal life: what she's wearing on the red carpet, who she's dating and whose child she's carrying.

In a recent interview with The Famous, "X-Men" actress Zoe Kravitz humored us by describing her co-stars in one word. She glowingly praised various castmates as "brilliant," "talented," "kind" and "hilarious," but when it came to Jones, Kravitz took a long pause before settling on "hot."

Can't argue with that, can you?