Lindsay Lohan and Jason Sudeikis Engage in a ‘Peanut Battle’

OMG Famous

Buckle your seat belts, y'all. This may be our favorite celebrity gossip item of the year. Here's the first part of a "report" from today's Page Six:

Lindsay Lohan and Jason Sudeikis got into a peanut battle at the Purple Magazine party Saturday night. A spy at the Standard Hotel's Boom Boom Room told us, "Jason and LiLo were sitting across from each other, then Jason started throwing peanuts or paper at her. Lindsay kept ducking to miss them until she decided to throw them right back at him. Then they began throwing nuts at each other trying to get it into each other's mouths. Once finished they got up and hugged and started laughing together."

Apparently the two are friends from Lohan's appearances on "Saturday Night Live." And this whole episode sort of sounds like a "SNL" skit, no?

Other things we love about this:

-- The ambiguity of the ammunition: peanuts and paper are very different objects!

-- The "fight" seems to have evolved from a sibling-ish "playfully throwing" back-and-forth into a weirdly flirtatious "try to catch this peanut in your mouth" game. Shifts in interpersonal energy like that don't usually happen!

-- It's nice to have a LiLo item that isn't focused on her bad behavior or her wanting to sue someone, isn't it?