Lindsay Lohan: Give Me a Chance, People

OMG Famous

Everyone wants a piece of Lindsay Lohan. The court-going actress attracted lots of attention -- surprise, surprise -- as a surprise guest at New York nightclub Don Hill's, where Max Winkler (son of Henry, aka The Fonz) threw a party for his directorial debut "Ceremony."

Lohan and her entourage, which included 17-year-old sister Ali, were quickly ushered into the VIP area; a reporter edged his way inside, squeezing a brief Q&A from the reluctant starlet before she kicked him out. When asked to name the most frustrating misconception about her, Lohan opined: "That I don't want to focus on my career, because that's all I want to do. I love working, and it's all I want to do. I just think people should stop being afraid to give me a chance, because I'm in a better space now. I can amount up to what they expect, and more."

Like RDJ before his "Iron Man" comeback, Hollywood has been wary of taking on Lilo for insurance reasons; it is telling that the so-called reformed party girl not had a big hit since "Mean Girls" ... in 2004. Another lucky break could swing her way with a rumored role as the slain Sharon Tate in an upcoming film about Charles Manson; no Reese Witherspoon-esque romantic comedies for the eager starlet (who is no doubt eyeing an Oscar for her inevitable reinvention as a serious actress/former addict). Meanwhile, she's considering dropping the "Lohan" -- and all the baggage that comes with it -- from her infamous moniker.

A source at the Don Hill's bash tells The Famous that Lohan did not say hello to rising talent Winkler, who mingled on the floor while her camp was quarantined behind a VIP velvet rope. "She didn't say hi to anyone," says the insider.

"Drinks were definitely being passed around back there, but I didn't see whether or not she took a drink," the source adds.

Apparently, Lohan's sobriety was the biggest question mark among curious partygoers. That public skepticism is yet another hurdle she must face if she wants people to take her seriously again.