Lindsay Lohan’s Ankle Bracelet Goes Off In Apparent Malfunction

OMG Famous

It's beginning to seem that it's impossible for Lindsay Lohan, even when she's under house arrest and can't leave her home, to go a week without causing some kind of stir.

Lohan, who began serving her 35 days of house arrest last week, received a visit from probation officials on Tuesday when the electronic ankle monitor she is forced to wear went off.

The Los Angeles Times says it's unclear why exactly the alarm was sounded, but, according to the paper, Lohan was, amusingly, "watching her 3-D TV, browsing scripts and posing for photographs for the tabloids on her rooftop" when the officials arrived.

"They came as part of standard procedure to make sure the monitoring equipment was working properly," her rep Steve Honig told the Times. reports that the bracelet likely malfunctioned and that she didn't violate the court order which requires her to stay at her home. TMZ says Lohan was given a new ankle bracelet and "that was that."

Though haven't we learned with Lohan that "that" is never actually "that"?