Lea Michele Makes Nice With Hailee Steinfeld

OMG Famous

What beef? It was a gracious reunion of snubber and snubbee when Lea Michele and Hailee Steinfeld posed for enough photos to fill a scrapbook at last night's SAG Awards. If you missed the Michele-Steinfeld feud, it got totally blown out of proportion. Steinfeld, the 14-year-old newcomer nominated for an Oscar for her role in "True Grit," told J-14 about the time the "Glee" star rebuffed her request for an autograph on the Paramount lot, causing the poor girl to weep hot tears of humiliation. Steinfeld's admission made insta-headlines, Lea Michele Diva Alerts went Code Red and Michele was forced to issue a statement of apology. As it happened, Michele was not to blame for the dis -- it was the fault of harried "Glee" production assistant who pulled Michele away too soon.

We commend Michele for smoothing over a potentially awkward SAGs situation by reaching out to Steinfeld in person and ending this so-called beef once and for all. We bet her publicists are THRILLED right now; at least they can count on Michele to do her own damage control with a well-timed photo op. Consider this mini-scandal a lesson learned: The camera-loving actress-singer will now happily sign autographs through gritted teeth for the rest of her life. Given Steinfeld's rapid rise to fame and acclaim, you never know where someone will be in five years -- let alone five months.