Kris Humphries Buys Last-Minute, $4.49 Birthday Card For Kim Kardashian

OMG Famous

Kim Kardashian's engagement ring from Kris Humphries: $2 million.

Kim Kardashian's 31st birthday card from Kris Humphries: $4.49.

Life & Style purports to have the photographic documentation (see image to the right) of the New Jersey Net purchasing a modest -- and extremely last-minute -- card for Kardashian on her birthday last week. According to the magazine, Humphries spent half an hour mulling the choices until he decided on an American Greetings message which gushed such sweet nothings as "You're the world's greatest kisser" and "You're honest with me" and "You're fun and surprising."

It's the thought that counts right? In the same issue, an "insider" sniffs that Humphries reportedly "wants out" of filming the Kardashians' various reality series. Also: "Kris makes only about $20,000 per episode. He wants to make it more worthwhile!"

(Based on the unscientific findings of our panel of celebrity marriage predictors, we remain dubious.)

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