Is Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Venue Cursed?

OMG Famous

Countdown: three more days 'til Kim Kardashian's Royal Wedding. While the empress of reality-TV rumps tried to keep the venue under wraps, the photo agency x17 has uncovered the secret location: Kardashian and her fiance, Kris Humphries, will get married at Sotto Il Monte, a 10.9-acre manse in Montecito, California. Coincidentally, it is ALSO where Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck had been scheduled to walk down the aisle before they called off their engagement.

Yes, that was in 2003. But the fact that Lopez, the most unlucky-in-love celebrity of all time, is linked to the estate in a negative sense is kind of ... spooky? Kind of back luck? OMG WILL THE GHOST OF BENNIFER CURSE THE KARDASHIAN-HUMPHRIES WEDDING?! Are we reading too much into this? Yes, we certainly are. Sorry, everyone. Sorry, Kim. (Sorry, Jennifer.)

P.S. Wait, Lopez was invited to the ceremony? We forgot about that! Shudder.