Kim Kardashian Rides The New York Subway

OMG Famous

You may not know it yet, but Kim Kardashian is really just like you. Sure she may have millions of dollars, more shoes than would probably fit in your apartment, and celebrity friends like Kanye and Snooki. But since she's arrived in New York to film her E! reality show with sis Kourtney, Kim has been doing all kinds of things that you can no doubt relate to.

Over the course of her time in the city so far, she has posed for pictures at the top of the Empire State Building, hit up a gay bar, dressed in a Halloween costume that she was probably totally embarrassed about the next day, tripped on a suitcase, and got into a sketchy tussle at a bar. See, you and Kim aren't so different after all.

And now today, she tweeted a glam shot of her and sister Kourtney RIDING THE SUBWAY. With other, average workaday commuters. Sure, you probably don't ride the subway in full makeup and an outfit that looks like Prada meets Catholic School Girl. But you totally do that pointing thing in photos too, don't you?