Kim Kardashian Returns To L.A. After Weekend In Minnesota With Kris Humphries

OMG Famous

Kim Kardashian is back in Los Angeles -- and looking uncharacteristically crabby -- after meeting with Kris Humphries at his Minnesota home this weekend. The reality TV princess touched down at LAX late Sunday dressed like she was going to a funeral, sporting all black, no makeup and a dreary expression. (Check out the photos on Radar Online.)

Kardashian flew up North on Saturday for a 4-hour, save-the-marriage sitdown with Humphries and the pastor who married them. Sources tell TMZ a reconciliation is "up in the air," which fits quite nicely into the dubious dramatic narrative of this dubious marriage on this dubious reality TV show. Is Kim a genius? Possibly.

A paparazzo caught Kardashian talking on the phone outside Humphries' house; the NBA player, meanwhile, has been keeping a low profile, hiding out in his home state and away from the Kardashian power centers of New York and L.A.

A week ago, the 31-year-old bombshell abruptly filed for divorce after little more than two months of marriage. Humphries said he was "devastated." Kardashian hopped on a plane for Australia to promote her handbag line -- after two days, she cut her trip short because of bad press from critics who accused her of having a hoax wedding for money and publicity her sadness. At least she'll get to keep the ring.

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