Kim Kardashian’s Quickie Marriage: What Went Wrong?

Joseph Brannigan Lynch
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Reality star Kim Kardashian is divorcing Kris Humphries, her husband of 72 days, following persistent rumors that their marriage was on the rocks from day one.

What exactly went wrong between the two newlyweds? One possible explanation: the two hardly knew each other. They only met last December, so it might be worth remembering Kim is filing for divorce from a man she hasn't even known a year.

Despite how publicly they both live, there was apparently a lot the two didn't know about each other. A recent episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" revealed that Kris had no idea Kim was previously married (she eloped at age 19 and divorced in 2004). When Kim casually dropped the tidbit while the couple snacked with the family, a stunned Humphries repeatedly asked the family, "You guys are serious… she was really married?" Musing on the revelation later, Humphries asked the camera, "What else do I not know about her?" (We're guessing he did know about her not-G-rated video debut).

Clearly communication wasn't their strong suit. In addition to his being unaware of her romantic past, their day-to-day interactions were no doubt quite limited: Their careers often kept them on separate ends of the world (literally and figuratively). And nothing spells "communication breakdown" better than a husband learning from a gossip site that he's getting a divorce.

When she spoke to People recently, Kim admitted that their living situation
had "not been ideal" for the newlyweds. To keep filming "Kourtney and Kim Take New York," Kim moved her husband into a hotel suite with her sister, her sister's child and the child's father (Scott Disick). Not your typical honeymoon situation, that's for sure.

The gossip grapevine also says that Kris was fed up with the film crew following the couple around constantly, worrying that the camera presence was ruining their marriage —which apparently did not jibe well with Kim, who thought the camera issue had been settled prior to the marriage.

After all, Kardashian ubiquity is a huge part of the not-so-secret secret to the family's success and for the duration of the short marriage, Kim was the only one working regularly. With the NBA lockout leaving him unemployed, Humphries had been taking it easy while his wife rushed around the planet promoting the Kardashian brand. A discrepancy in work ethic could lead to increased tensions in an already-difficult marriage.

And even though it was probably just done for additional publicity, you have to wonder what kind of married couple renews their vows just two months after making them: Earlier this month on "Ellen," the two exchanged vows for the second time in as many months. Whether that was a sign of an ailing relationship or the symptom of an over-publicized existence is anyone's guess.

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