Are Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries on the Brink of Divorce?

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Today is Kim Kardashian's two-month wedding anniversary, but she doesn't seem too happy about being a newlywed -- at least, according to a slew of negative tabloid reports. Ever since Kardashian and Kris Humphries said "I do" in an opulent, televised ceremony, there have been rumblings of trouble in paradise. Those rumblings are gaining momentum. This week, Star magazine reports (via Celebitchy) that Humphries -- unemployed due to the NBA lockout -- has been ditching his new bride to go clubbing with the guys (and take numbers from other girls). And according to Page Six, the couple is already living separate lives due to Kardashian's hectic work schedule and obligations. (Another issue: everybody seems to hate Kris.)

Reps for the Kardashians have not yet responded to requests for comment. So we called in a few K-watching experts to weigh in on this question: How long should we give this marriage?

Dorothy Cascerceri, senior editor at In Touch: "Kim and Kris have rarely spent time together since they got married two months ago. She's constantly working, jetting off to exotic locations like Dubai and filming her reality show, 'Kourtney & Kim Take New York' -- all without Kris. Sources say Kris feels like she's way too busy for him, so he's been putting all of his free time to other use. In recent weeks, he hit several New York clubs -- The Ainsworth and Beauty & Essex -- and was spotted flirting with girls and basking in the attention of other women. When the two actually do spend time together, a source says they are 'icy' and 'cold' to each other. Kim has said time and time again she's eager to become a mom especially in light of how close she is to her nephew, Mason. I'd be surprised if these two split before Kim has a bun in the oven, but by the looks of the way they interact on their show, it doesn't seem they have a marriage built to last."

Prognosis: One year, or less

Anna Davies, magazine writer and amateur astrologer: "I'd say definitely before January 1st for two reasons: 1. That way, the entire rise and fall of K&K fits within a year, which is almost poetic and I think shows just how smart Kim is in terms of manipulating her life. Back in January 2011, she said she was going to be single for the whole year. Then, she refuted it by being as NON-SINGLE as possible. Now, she can make a new resolution and not follow it. 2. Kim's a Libra, and Saturn is still messing big-time with Libras. But the good news is that it'll leave next year. I think Kim's dealing with a ton of Saturn dramz, but will emerge in 2012 stronger than ever."

Prognosis: New Year's

Andrea Syrtash, relationship expert and author of Cheat On Your Husband (With Your Husband): "I think it's time to call it quits when most of the time, you're trying to justify why you got married. Relationships are work -- but the work shouldn't consist of you trying to figure out if you're with the right partner."

Prognosis: ASAP

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