Kim Kardashian Improbably Finds Another Cell Phone in a Cab

OMG Famous

For the second time in the past month, Kim Kardashian has improbably come across a cell phone in a cab.

This time, though, finding the owner of the phone was not so easy.

"OMG I found another cell phone in a cab today! I've called all the #'s in the phone & no one is answering! Not sure what to do this time," she tweeted earlier today.

All the numbers in the phone, Kim? Really? We don't think so.

Then, unlike last time when she was able to contain herself, Kim couldn't help but look through the pictures... except there weren't any to look at? This tweet confused us: "I went thru their pictures! LOL and what a bore! Not one pic in their phone!"

You "went thru" pictures that... don't exist?

Anyway, this riveting saga came to a close when a dude named Nikkit called the phone.

"Haha! Some guy Nikkit just called the phone & didn't believe it was me! It was his boss's phone! BOSS MAN- Nikkit should get a raise! LOL," she posted.

Kim Kardashian: basically the Mother Teresa of our times.

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