Kim Kardashian Breaks Commitment with Australia

Joseph Brannigan Lynch
OMG Famous

Kim Kardashian is having commitment issues with the love of her life. No, not Kris Humphries: The reality TV maven is cancelling several business engagements in Australia and headed back to her home in the States.

Although she's mainly Down Under to promote the Kardashian handbags, she'll she's also cutting out on a planned Saturday appearance at the Melbourne Cup Carnival sponsored by Swisse vitamins. The day's work was reportedly going to net Kim $150,000, so she's passing up a lot of kash to head home.

"I am very disappointed that I am unable to attend the Swisse marquee but I hope to come back and work with the Swisse team at another point in time," Kim said, according to Us Weekly. The organizers tried to snag Khloe as a substitute for Kim at the last minute, but the younger Kardashian decided to stick with her sis on the flight back.

When she touched down in the Southern Hemisphere, Kim originally stated she "really wanted to stick with my commitment to come out here to Australia," even saying, "It's an escape to come here…to get my mind off everything." But dogged by paparazzi and rumors that she married for money/publicity and not love, it looks like Kim needs an escape from her escape.

"I'm really proud of Kim for not just bailing and cancelling," Khloe said just yesterday on Australian TV, before Kim re-prioritized. "Cause this is a really hard time for her… it's not getting away." What a difference a day makes.

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