Kelsey Grammer: Kayte Walsh is an ‘Amazing’ Stepmom

OMG Famous

Last year, Kelsey Grammer walked the Tonys' Red Carpet with wife-at-the-time Camille Grammer even though they had already separated after 13 years of marriage (he wanted to "present a united front").

A year later, Grammer walked the carpet with new wife Kayte Walsh, his divorce from Camille well behind him.

The Famous saw Grammer and Walsh from our perch on the carpet last night, as the newlyweds held hands and gazed into each other's eyes (in a borderline creepy manner) while they talked about their connection.

"She supports me in everything I do," Grammer said. "She's extraordinary. I've never known anybody like her."

He added that Walsh is an "amazing" stepmom.

Grammer refused to discuss the specifics of his pending custody battle over his children, declining to comment when asked why he believes his kids would be better off living with him.

Grammer also revealed that he "makes eggs" for Walsh in the morning, though Walsh, curiously, responded timidly when asked repeatedly "how [his eggs] were." However, in her defense, we can imagine it would be kind of disconcerting to have a gaggle of reporters in front of you shouting, "How are Kelsey's eggs??"