Kathy Hilton Weighs In On Paris Hilton-Kim Kardashian Rivalry

OMG Famous

While Paris Hilton may remain somewhat coy when it comes to her feelings regarding the rise of Kim Kardashian, Hilton's mother does not appear to have such restraint.

The New York Post reports that Kathy Hilton was overheard deriding Kardashian at the Monkey Bar over the weekend, snarking that Kardashian "used to work for Paris" (back in the day, Kardashian worked in some capacity as Hilton's stylist). The paper's source claimed "Kathy was going on about how Paris is the original reality star and all the others had her to thank for their success."

And the crushing blow: "Kathy said Kim copied every thing Paris has done."

A few nights later, Kathy had changed her tune, perhaps in an attempt to save face. She told the Post, "I love Kim, by the way. Someone said, 'Didn't she work with Paris?' I said, 'Yes, she did before she was on her TV show.' Another person said, 'Paris made a lot happen for us in the reality business.' I said 'It's true, she was one of the pioneers.'"

You may draw your own conclusions from all this.