Kate Middleton Will Be Dressing Herself When She Tours Canada

OMG Famous

Kate Middleton and Prince William will soon be touring Canada in a packed eight-cities-in-nine-days tour at the beginning of July.

Of course, the Royal newlyweds will be making a whole slew of appearances and, according to sources, Middleton will need some 40 outfits in total for the trip. (William will need some outfits, too, though no one would probably care if he wore the same thing every day.)

Though we imagined there would be a band of fairies accompanying Middleton and handing her purses and shoes and dresses to wear each morning, it turns out Middleton is going to be picking out all of the outfits she wears herself and, somewhat surprisingly, will not be travelling with a stylist.

So the chances of Middleton showing up at some state dinner in sweats and a scrunchie because she was feeling sort of tired and felt like it just went from 0 percent to .0001 percent.