Justin Bieber Cut-Out Taken In By Beckham Family

OMG Famous

The Beckham family's strange, but kind of wonderful, obsession with Justin Bieber continues.

First, David revealed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last week that his son Romeo was pressing for his parents to name his future sister, due in June, "Justine Bieber."

And now Victoria has shared via Twitter that the family has, for some reason, acquired a life-size Bieber cut-out.

Victoria taunted her followers yesterday with the leading, "OMG!!!!a visitor just arrived!!!!Guess who????!!!!!" She then offered another clue ("And now he is sunbathing!!!!!!!") before posting a picture of husband David lounging next to faux-Bieber.

At this point, we would not be surprised to find out David and Victoria were the ones who ponied up $40,668 for Bieber locks.