Justin Bieber Casts Selena Gomez Lookalike In ‘Mistletoe’ Video

OMG Famous

Check out the "shawty" in the cheesetastic new video for Justin Bieber's holiday song "Mistletoe." She bears more than a passing resemblance to the Canadian teen dream's real-life ladyfriend, Selena Gomez.

We suspect Gomez is privately all blush-y and flattered about the Bizarro Selena casting. (If Biebs cast the real thing, anti-Gomez Biebermaniacs might revolt further.) Also: this song is No. 1 on iTunes . It's no "All I Want For Christmas" -- cue the Mariah -- but Bieber makes up for the lyrical hilarity ("I'm gonna be under the mistletoe/shawty with you/shawty with you") with a catchy pop hook.

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