Jon Gosselin Is Now a Construction Worker

OMG Famous

Jon Gosselin is just a normal, blue-collar dude. A normal, blue-collar dude who used to hang with Michael Lohan, hook up with fame-hungry floozies and wear Ed Hardy like it was his job while the Eight were with Kate. Oh, those were the days! TMZ reports that Gosselin has taken a career detour into construction work. There is photographic evidence, as the infamous reality TV dad sports a hard hat and tries to erase the shame of his past messes. According to TMZ, Gosselin -- who formerly worked in IT -- scored a job with Green Pointe Energy, a Pennsylvania-based company that focuses on renewable energy. Let's all cross our fingers: This could be the end of Sleazy Jon Gosselin as we know it. He seems content to disappear into obscurity, albeit with TMZ's photographers conspicuously present to document his new anti-Hollywood, anti-sleaze outlook.