Jessica Simpson’s Pregnancy Announcement: Cute Or Meh?

OMG Famous

Amid Monday's Kardashian/divorshian drama, Jessica Simpson dropped another bombshell: she's pregnant! But, come on now, we all knew that. Worst kept secret in the world.

The reality star-turned-fashion mogul announced the news on her official website, writing: "It's True! I am going to be a mummy!" Simpson posted this photo of herself in full Halloween soon-to-be-mummy regalia, displaying the baby bump we've all seen before but had not been officially flaunted until that point.

(Here's a full family portrait of Simpson, fiance/baby daddy Eric Johnson and their dog Bentley.)

It's certainly a cute, low-maintenance way to announce the obvious -- especially given the all the gossip about dadager Joe Simpson greedily attempting to negotiate a $500K deal for the official confirmation (and rights to the baby pics.) Simpson comes off like her own woman, doing things her way. We just wish she went big, like Beyonce at the VMAs -- or even a cheesetastic photo spread in a tabloid magazine. (What happened to the Jessica we used to know? Perhaps -- shockingly -- she no longer wants the attention.)

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