Jessica Simpson Announces Pregnancy Without Really Announcing It

OMG Famous

Jessica Simpson is very, very pregnant. And she STILL won't discuss it. Last week we reported the reality star-turned-fashion mogul has been withholding confirmation until she scores a $500K deal with a celebrity magazine to sell photos of her unborn child.

Meanwhile, incontrovertible evidence has surfaced in the form of paparazzi photos of Simpson appearing mega-pregnant. (Not Beyonce maybe-pregnant.)

So many questions: Is dadager Joe Simpson off his game? Surely he's aware that the exclusive for pregnancy photos depreciates once the bun-in-the-oven is exposed to the masses. Or does it? Let us recall a time in the not-so-distant past when Jennifer Lopez waited, like, nine months to announce her obvious pregnancy and then sold the baby-photo rights to People magazine for $6 million.

In This Economy, shelling out $500K and above to first publish images of the spawn of Simpson might not be financially sound. Perhaps Simpson would seem less opportunistic if she pulled a Portman and gave the paps one really good shot to go away.

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