Jessica Simpson Announces Pregnancy Without Really Announcing It

OMG Famous
October 24, 2011

Jessica Simpson is very, very pregnant. And she STILL won't discuss it. Last week we reported the reality star-turned-fashion mogul has been withholding confirmation until she scores a $500K deal with a celebrity magazine to sell photos of her unborn child.

Meanwhile, incontrovertible evidence has surfaced in the form of paparazzi photos of Simpson appearing mega-pregnant. (Not Beyonce maybe-pregnant.)

So many questions: Is dadager Joe Simpson off his game? Surely he's aware that the exclusive for pregnancy photos depreciates once the bun-in-the-oven is exposed to the masses. Or does it? Let us recall a time in the not-so-distant past when Jennifer Lopez waited, like, nine months to announce her obvious pregnancy and then sold the baby-photo rights to People magazine for $6 million.

In This Economy, shelling out $500K and above to first publish images of the spawn of Simpson might not be financially sound. Perhaps Simpson would seem less opportunistic if she pulled a Portman and gave the paps one really good shot to go away.

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