Jessica Alba and Jessica Simpson Go To Yale

OMG Famous

In addition to the same name, there's something else Jessica Simpson and Jessica Alba share: significant others who went to Yale.

And it turns out that Simpson's fiance, Eric Johnson, and Alba's husband, Cash Warren, graduated from the New Haven university at the same time, which meant the two both returned to Connecticut this weekend for their reunion.

Because the Law of Celebrities mandates that they band together if they are in the same vicinity among non-Celebrities, the two couples joined forces and toured the campus together, resulting in quite the photo op. (Simpson was wearing red Daisy Dukes, while Alba looked like she was going for "Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" chic.)

Indicating the two women don't exactly have the same sensibilities, however, Alba tweeted a picture of her posing with Yale security guards, while Simpson posted a picture of her splayed out on the Yale football field.