Jeremy Renner Met His Current Girlfriend On A Plane

OMG Famous

It seems like most of the time celebrities find people to date thanks to the work of a publicist or a manager who arranges a set-up. Or they will meet a production assistant on a film set and start up a romance. Maybe some model at a fancy Hollywood party for a new energy drink catches their eye. Basically, these relationships always appear as if they've been hatched in some glamorous/Hollywood-y manner.

So when celebrities meet people in an "ordinary" way, it's always a bit jarring. When Michael Vartan met his future wife in a parking lot a few years ago, it was notable in his refreshing normalcy (not that picking someone up in a parking lot is normal, really, but you know what we mean).

Anyway, Jeremy Renner reportedly met his current girlfriend, 25-year old British actress Janet Montgomery, "on a plane," according to JustJared.

Renner and Montgomery were on the same flight from Vancouver to Los Angeles. They were later spotted in Berlin together and then in Los Angeles' Runyon Canyon this past week.

How exactly this plane meeting went down is unclear. But this should give everyone hope that if you're sitting next to a famous person on a plane, you might as well try your luck. Though, erm, of course it will help your cause if you happen to a be a beautiful, young, up-and-coming actress yourself.