Jennifer Lopez Bumps Lindsay Lohan From Vanity Fair’s September Cover (UPDATES)

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In the epic battle of the Lo's, J-Lo has bested Li-Lo to snag the cover of the Vanity Fair September issue.

As the site Celebitchy points out, Li-Lo (real name: Lindsay Lohan) was supposed to grace the magazine's big, glossy fall cover, which is prime real estate for any spotlight-chasing celebrity who wants to be taken seriously. Instead, Vanity Fair picked Jennifer Lopez -- freshly split from Marc Anthony -- to replace the court-going, vodka-swilling starlet. After all,  the "American Idol" judge's D-I-V-O-R-C-E is a better sell than Lohan's umpteenth "I'm going to right my wrongs" apology tour. (Also: Lohan has made herself less of a high-profile "get," thanks to her low-budge photoshoots for other outlets.)

Memory lane: remember when Jennifer Aniston dished about her Brad breakup in the Vanity Fair September issue circa 2005? IT WAS THE BEST %#@! EVER. Breakups always trump Lohans. Always. We're hoping Lopez will say something good (aka, bad) about Anthony.

Update: A Vanity Fair publicist politely informs The Famous that Lohan was "never going to be on our September cover. Page Six got us mixed up with Italian VF." In July, Lohan graced the cover of the Italia edition. (Lohan has since exhausted all VF/cover privileges until she wins her Oscar in 2017, or whatever.)