Jennifer Aniston Tells Taylor Swift ‘Everything Will Be Okay’

OMG Famous

This is one of those items that seems more like a gossip writer's fever dream than anything that likely actually happened in real life, but it's too amusing to overlook.

According to Gatecrasher, Jennifer Aniston approached Taylor Swift at the People's Choice Awards last week to console the 21-year-old country star and encourage her to "hang in there" after her breakup from Jake Gyllenhaal, who starred with Aniston in "The Good Girl" in 2002 (Swift was 13 years old at the time).

Apparently the two had never met before, but Aniston made a point of seeking Swift out inside the Nokia Theatre to let her "know everything will be okay," before telling her to "go out there and have fun."

And then, we imagine, she checked to make sure no one was within earshot, put her lips close to Swift's ear, and whispered, "And whatever you do, sweetheart, you stay away from John Mayer," and then flashed an exaggerated smile before turning on her heel and sashaying away.