Jason Sudeikis Dares To Make Fun of Justin Bieber

OMG Famous

Jason Sudeikis has dared to incite the Belieber masses.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel, the "Saturday Night Live" star -- perhaps testing some material for his hosting gig Sunday night at the MTV Movie Awards -- chatted with Kimmel about the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game, at which Justin Bieber was named the game's MVP.

Kimmel asked Sudeikis if he trash talked Bieber, who was on the opposite team, which led to the following exchange.

Sudeikis: "Trash talk him? A little bit. Just a little bit. I didn't even know it was him for the first two quarters, I thought it was a Make-A-Wish situation."
Kimmel: "You were trash talking a Make-A-Wish kid?"
Sudeikis: "Yeah, easy target."

Dangerously close to Ricky Gervais territory here!

Indicating that he has a sense of humor, Bieber tweeted a link to the YouTube video of Sudeikis and Kimmel's chat with the comment "thanks for making my wish happen." If only all celebrities were this good-natured about comedians' jabs.