Jake Gyllenhaal Sports Pink Silly Band

OMG Famous

Though new details of the Taylor Swift-Jake Gyllenhaal romance seem to be revealed every day, it is certainly easy to be skeptical about the romance between the two "true American sweethearts" (as Heidi Montag recently dubbed them).

For one thing, they both have projects to promote: Gyllenhaal's film "Love and Other Drugs" and Swift's album "Speak Now" (not that she needed any help, considering she sold a million copies during its first week in stores). There's also the nine-year age gap between them. And the fact that the stories about their dates seem like they were written via Mad Libs.

But yesterday brought us perhaps the best evidence so far that Swiftenhaal is real. Jake was photographed leaving an office building in Beverly Hills... wearing a pink Silly Band! Yes, a Silly Band, one of those rubber bracelets formed into a shape that are all the rage among the tween, teen, and, yes, adult, populations.

Does anything scream "Taylor Swift!" quite as much as a pink Silly Band? (No.) Clearly she gave this to Jake as a parting gift, something to remember her by. Maybe after their apple picking date? (JustJared says Jake has been wearing it since news broke of their "maybe-more-than-friendship.") Perhaps the Silly Band is in the shape of an apple? Us Weekly really should assign a beat reporter to this case.

At the very least, this is going to be a great detail for Taylor's inevitable song about all of this (hopefully called "Recovering Gyllenholic"). Plus, "band" rhymes with so many things.