Ivanka Trump Scheduled Meetings Two Weeks After Her Due Date

OMG Famous

Bad Mommy Patrol is on alert: Ivanka Trump plans on returning to the boardroom just two weeks after giving birth to her first child.

"I have meetings on the calendar two weeks after my (July 14) due date, but of course, I'll have to get to know the baby's needs first," Trump told an incredulous In Touch magazine reporter (via Celebitchy).

BMP reaction: "Ivanka is a selfish workaholic whose nanny will end up raising her daughter full-time. If only less wealthy working mothers had the luxury! But wait! There's plenty of working mothers who would gladly take extended leave to care for their baby, and since Ivanka really doesn't need to pay the bills, why would she go back to work right away? HALF-ASSED MOM."

Our reaction: "Plenty of new moms take two weeks off for whatever reason, and Ivanka is only going to some meetings. Who cares?"

Our biggest concern: "What kind of first-time mom assumes their baby will be born on its EXACT DUE DATE, and schedules important business appointments around it? That's absurd!"

(We arrived two weeks behind schedule, which would eventually make sense to our long-suffering saint of a mother, who must always deal with our perpetual lateness.)