The Injured George Clooney Photo Stacy Keibler Does Not Want You To See

OMG Famous

Behold! Stacy Keibler tweeted -- then deleted -- this photo of her, injured George Clooney and some other people at Sunday's Ravens game. Fortunately, Lainey Gossip screengrabbed the shot; the blogger suggests Keibler removed the image because she got in trouble with the privacy-loving Clooney: "Did she overstep? And if so, how will she be punished?"

Something must have happened. Keibler, 32, is an avid tweeter and sometimes posts gushy messages about the 50-year-old actor. For example: "You kno its love when your boyfriend has elbow surgery 2 days ago and takes u to a #ravens game...especially when he's a Bengals fan."

It could be Keibler spiked the smiley group shot over worries she overstepped her boundaries with Clooney, who's otherwise expressed that the ex-WWE wrestler can tweet what she wants. Maybe Clooney decided he wasn't cool with the 24-7 social media habit of a TMI girlfriend (who seems very lovely, by the way).  If it bothers him, there's a line out the door of wannabe Clooney girlfriends who don't do the Twitter.

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