Huma Abedin: Weiner’s Striking Wife

OMG Famous

When New York congressman Anthony Weiner tearfully admitted sending graphic images to six different women online, reporters at the press conference shouted: "WHERE'S YOUR WIFE?"

Not there. Weiner stood alone on the podium, deflated.

As the embarrassing scandal unfolds, and more Weiner women come out of the woodwork, it does not take a rocket scientist to imagine that Huma Abedin, his accomplished spouse, is probably really pissed off right now. "We've been through a great deal together and will weather this," said Weiner, declaring they would not break up over the bulging crotch shot, among other brazen shenanigans.

Here's some background on the woman behind the Weiner: Abedin is 34 years old, and was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan to an Indian father and Pakistani mother. The stunningly pretty politico grew up in Saudia Arabia, where her mom is a professor of sociology, and later returned to the United States to attend George Washington University. She landed an internship at the White House in '96, and then began a gig as an aide to Hillary Clinton, whom she continues to work with at the State Department. She was a "body woman" during Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign.

In a 2007 Vogue profile of Abedin, Oscar de la Renta described her as an "unbelievably feminine and gentle person, but at the same time she can accomplish so much." The celebrity designer added of the practicing Muslim: "She's very conservative."

Ironically, Bill Clinton officiated her wedding to Weiner last July.

(Maybe now's a good time for Abedin to watch the first two seasons of "The Good Wife" on DVD, if she hasn't already.)