Hugh Hefner, Crystal Harris Reportedly Call Off Wedding (Updated)

OMG Famous

It looks like you're going to have to return that fruit bowl you picked up for Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris over the weekend.

Just five days before the pair were set to walk down the aisle, the wedding has reportedly been called off.

Says TMZ: "Our sources -- who are all at the mansion -- say Crystal and Hef had a nasty argument this weekend on the phone. When the dust settled Crystal decided to 86 the nuptials and quickly moved her stuff out."

Perhaps Harris woke up and realized she was about to marry a man who was 60 years old when she was born?

So far, not a word from either Harris or Hefner on Twitter (both are active tweeters)... so perhaps wait until tomorrow morning to return the fruit bowl, just in case?

Update: Hefner has tweeted: "The wedding is off. Crystal has had a change of heart." Still no word from Harris.