Helena Bonham Carter: The Unlikely New Face of Marc Jacobs

OMG Famous

Helena Bonham Carter certainly gets a lot of attention for what she wears, but, erm, not generally the good kind of attention.

So it's something of a surprise that HBC was named the latest face of Marc Jacobs. The first picture from the campaign has leaked, and it features an appealing and transfixing (though definitely bizarre) look from Bonham Carter. The color of the dress, the blue pillbox hat, the grin on her face... it's all so great!

For the first time in a while we can say we are actually psyched ("psyched"! haven't used that word since 8th grade...) for the release of the rest of the photos.

We'll take a campaign like this over another one featuring a Jessica or Jennifer in front of a waterfall or field any day.