Gwyneth Paltrow’s Trainer Anguished Over Paltrow’s Weight Gain

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The majority of Americans would probably be ecstatic if told they would be paid a bunch of money to gain twenty pounds. But when Gwyneth Paltrow's long-time trainer Tracy Anderson heard that her client would be forced to pack on the poundage for her new movie "Country Strong," she nearly had a seizure.

"They wanted her to eat a lot of fried chicken," Anderson told People Magazine at the film's premiere on Monday. "It was frustrating for me, but they wanted her to gain. When I trained her for the first 'Iron Man' movie, I took 30 pounds off her. And she's been consistent ever since."

What movie producers would be so evil as to force poor Paltrow to shovel chicken legs down her gullet?! It's commendable Anderson was even willing to attend the movie's premiere after watching her dear friend suffer like that.

But Anderson needn't be too despondent. Paltrow has, unsurprisingly, resumed her normal exercise routine and dropped the weight immediately. And it sounds like, as long as she keeps having to sing live, that weight won't be coming back anytime soon.

Discussing her nerves for her upcoming performance at the Country Music Awards, Paltrow told Us, "I was really bad last week; I lost my appetite and I couldn't sleep."

While the general population may be unsure how it feels about having to hear Paltrow warble, sounds like Anderson is probably gleeful.

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